Date: Monday 24th July 2017 Time: 5.15pm

1.Welcome & Introductions President, Alice Dawkins, opened the meeting 2. Committee Members Present: Cameron Price, Liz Granger, Jo Brady, Veronica D’Silva, Alice Dawkins, Maree Abbott, Lauren Wild, Charles Lawoko Others Present: Alex Levy, Bec Davis 3. Apologies: Lauren Wild 4. Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting: held on 13th June 2017 Moved: Cameron Price; Seconded: Jo Brady 5. Business arising from previous meeting: • Website Live – a few traders to provide information • Postcards TV Show Still in progress • Signage outside Bunnings Repaired • Working Bee Still in progress – Cameron/Craig 6. Treasurer’s Report: Cameron Price: Move that the financial statement represent a true and fair reflection of the financial position as at 30 June 2017. Moved: Jo Brady; Seconded: Liz Grander Alice also thanked Cameron & Stephanie for all their work in the last 12 months 7. Marketing & Promotions Report: Prepared by Alex Levy • MP Magazine Popular – regular 8 (different) business taking up the opportunity to advertise. • Website Website is live! Soft open • Xmas: Ongoing Maree & Alex met with Keith (Showtime Attractions) to discuss Christmas decoration opportunities including street lighting concepts. Special thanks to Maree Abbott for the introduction. MCC Committee Meeting 2017 • Facebook/Instagram Positive feedback from traders • Mornington Racecourse – shared promotion opportunity Action: Alex to follow up – once a formal proposal in place committee will consider • Special Meeting regarding Special Market Days – held 22 June 2017 Overall, a very positive and constructive meeting. While some disagreements about the needs for markets the general feedback was the importance of making the special markets more unique/thematic to the event being run. Special thanks to Cameron & Liz for their efforts in co-ordinating the forum. Further to the meeting – special proposal considered in regard to holding Markets outside the Wednesday Market: “The committee continues under the current council licence to hold up to 6 special markets a year” Against: None For: Unanimous Given the feedback from the meeting, will endeavour to diversify the markets and events. Moved: Cameron Price; Seconded: Maree Abbott 8. Street Market Report: Prepared by Bec Davis • Stall Holder fees o Current stallholders mostly up to date. o Some old stall holders who no longer attend still owe – this is being followed up • Discussion about associated members & stall holders: o They need to apply and the application needs to be reviewed / approved by committee as appropriate Action 1: Office to check/review process of new applications Action 2: Alice/Alex to review the applications received to date Moved: Cameron Price; Seconded: Jo Brady 9. Correspondence: o N/a 10. General Business: a. AGM 2017 o Auditor only just back from holidays o Slow/low acceptance o Review/update of the Rules of Association being undertaken by Richard Goldsmith – any changes need to be presented to members Given the above constraints – agreed to move the AGM to Tuesday 5 th September 2017 MCC Committee Meeting 2017 b. Proposed: “Statements of Claims” to Council Cameron has suggested that the committee generate a working document listing the top priorities. It will be an ongoing opportunity to formalise discussions with Council/economic development team. Action: Cameron to “draft” and share with committee for broader input 11. Meeting Closed Meeting closed at 6:35 pm Next meeting – TO BE CONFIRMED