Main Street Open Air Gallery


Belinda ‘Billy’ Nye

TITLE  Mills Beach

SIZE  65cm x 65cm

This is one of my favourite views of Mornington. At sunset the Red Cliff lights up and the entire bay glistens.

My work begins as a photographed reversed and drawn onto a piece of lino. After all the carving is done, the plate is rolled with ink and printed on the printing press by hand. I loved to hand-colour my prints with colored inks to finish. Each print is an edition and individually unique.


I began my artistic journey completing a Diploma of Visual Art at Chisholm, Frankston. Not long after that I completed a BA in Fine Art and Visual Culture. The education was invaluable to my knowledge of the arts and my practice. I am a local to the area and my artwork focuses on my immediate surroundings. The Australian Suburbia is my main subject matter and I my instagram is titled the QUEEN OF SUBURBIA @billynye_art.