Main Street Open Air Gallery


Melissa Banks

TITLE  My Mills Beach
MEDIUM Acrylic on Canvas. 750 x 950mm 


I know what’s waiting for me when I start down the cliff path… but the beauty of my Mills Beach still finds a way to catch my breath.
There are glimpses of the path rail as it meanders ahead through the scrub and down to the beach, to the beach boxes, to the family rock.
The day is clear and bright.
The water gently laps at the shore.
The beach is empty, bar the family rocks.
This rocky outcrop landmark is a balm that anchors generations.
They sit, rich in colour and proud in place here in their natural bay amphitheater.
The keeper of memories and moments.



Embedded in me, I paint stories of the earth. Land, sea and sky.
Ebb and flow moments that can be gone in a heartbeat but
not before they’ve taken your breath away and left you their echo.
I call on the echoes, the moments, and the possibilities.

Painting gives me the space and freedom to thank the beauty of the world we live in.
Trusting in my experiences, training, inspiration and innate creativity to holler back when I call gives me creative courage to intuitively follow the flow of my work.
The beach calls me.
The native flowers that sustain our bushlands call me.
The textures that are repeated again and again in nature call me.
The colour that we see beyond what we think we see calls me.