Main Street Open Air Gallery


Melissa Banks

TITLE  The Family Rock
MEDIUM Acrylic & Oil on Canvas. 650 x 850mm

Private Collection


The Family Rock:
Meander towards the beach through the trees and scrub.
A journey that provides an ever changing elevation and view point and lands you on sand that calls to your bare feet.
A walk the lands you in a place that instantly brings generations together and stitches closed the spaces between the passing of time.
The family rock is here. Never alone, always with its relational outcrop.
The family rock is a meeting place, a place of new discovery and a consistent in our world of flux.
The presence of this small rocky outcrop on the shoreline shapes the beach and reroutes the water.
Solid and welcoming landmarks that have stood the test of time.



Embedded in me, I paint stories of the earth. Land, sea and sky.
Ebb and flow moments that can be gone in a heartbeat but not before they’ve taken your breath away and left you their echo.
I call on the echoes, the moments, and the possibilities.

Painting gives me the space and freedom to thank the beauty of the world we live in.
Trusting in my experiences, training, inspiration and innate creativity to holler back when I call gives me creative courage to intuitively follow the flow of my work.
The beach calls me.
The native flowers that sustain our bushlands call me.
The textures that are repeated again and again in nature call me.
The colour that we see beyond what we think we see calls me.