Main Street Open Air Gallery


Melissa Banks

TITLE  The Sky, The Sea and Me
MEDIUM  Acrylic on canvas
SIZE 140 x 190mm

The moment the salt air hits my skin the internal shift is instant.
A balm for the deepest aches.
A place to sing out loud with all the joy of infinite possibility.

The moment the tide meets the shore both are forever changed.
Wild. Free. Energised. Building. Eroding. Ebbing. Flowing.

I’ve walked these shores before.
But never like this.
The beach and I are never twice the same.



My name is Melissa. I never had a nickname as a kid, though sometimes dad dropped the ‘a’ and I’d be Meliss. Mel was unavoidable as I moved through high school, and fast forward to today my husband, Alex, and our inner circle call me Melon. My Mini Melon collections are as much a part of me as I am a part of them. Plus the left side of my brain loves the alliteration.

I’m a painter and creative coach living on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria with Alex, our two divine and dynamic little boys, Henry and Theo, and two highly pampered miniature dachshunds. I grew up with space around me, paddocks of grass that browned and sang in the summer breeze. Our family holidays were always by the water. A coastal hamlet where bush gives way to brackish water as it makes its way to the ocean. Embedded in me, I paint stories of the earth. Land, sea and sky. Ebb and flow moments that can be gone in a heartbeat but not before they’ve taken your breath away and left you their echo. I call on the echoes, the moments, and the possibilities.