Main Street Open Air Gallery


Brianna Webster

TITLE Murnong
MEDIUM  Acrylic on canvas, canvas paint pen
SIZE: H 130cm x W 100cm

This painting represents following the footsteps of our ancestors to care for country and to learn the dreaming of Murnong. It symbolises our deep connection to plants and our responsibility to represent country. This painting represents the story of Murnong (yam Daisy). Murnong is more than just a plant to Indigenous women, it is a dreamtime plant.


I am a proud Wathawurrung woman. I started painting to connect with my culture. Practicing art is so much more than just painting, it is a lifeline for Aboriginal people, for me, it is how we communicate stories about significant events and family history, how we connect and stay connected to culture and how we continue to keep cultural traditions alive. I consider myself to be a contemporary Indigenous artist.