Main Street Open Air Gallery


Sarah Migliaccio

TITLE  Laughing Lorikeets Poppy & Sol
MEDIUM  Acrylic on canvas 80 cm x 80 cm


This pair of Australian rainbow lorikeets capture the joy shared in a big belly laugh between friends. Named Poppy and Sol, these fun characters remind me of those memorable times when your best friend adds the cherry on top of an already hilarious joke and you both laugh until our bellies hurt. The vivid colours and loud chattering of these local birds always bring a smile to my face and I hope this colourful painting brings a smile to yours!



My name is Sarah Migliaccio. I’m 35 years old and love my little patch of land on the Mornington Peninsula where I enjoy hanging out with my handy husband, my cheeky Australian Shepherd and my elderly but classy Russian Blue. My work aims to capture the vibrant colours and personalities of Australian flora and fauna in my own unique style.