Main Street Open Air Gallery


Sarah Migliaccio

TITLE  Silvery Tranquility
MEDIUM  Acrylic on canvas 76 cm x100 cm


Silver Tranquillity to an ode to our native beauty, the Silver Princess Eucalyptus. This beautiful tree provides so much inspiration in its forms, textures and colours. Those who walk by one of these stunning tree’s cannot help but to look in wonder at the powdery branches and bright blossoms, contrasting with the young red branches and green leaves. I thoroughly enjoy painting my colourful interpretations of the Silver Princess and the colour palette in this piece really bought a tranquil, calm vibe to the art studio. The combination of warm tones and pops of fun colour make Silver Tranquillity a visual delight.



My name is Sarah Migliaccio. I’m 35 years old and love my little patch of land on the Mornington Peninsula where I enjoy hanging out with my handy husband, my cheeky Australian Shepherd and my elderly but classy Russian Blue. My work aims to capture the vibrant colours and personalities of Australian flora and fauna in my own unique style.