Main Street Open Air Gallery


Craig Penny

TITLE  Shelly Steps
MEDIUM  Acrylic on canvas
SIZE  92cm x 92cm

A beautiful Penisula day on Shelly Beach


Born in Mildura, Craig has shown an interest in art and drawing from a very young age and has created a successful career as a professional artist.
In 1970, the family moved to the Western District of Victoria and Craig’s love of art and artistic interests extended into ceramics
and sculpture.  

Studying art at Ballarat University, painting and graphic design allowing him to pursued a successful career as an illustrator.

Craig has skills in a range of mediums. He taught both traditional drawing, illustration and digital drawing at both Victoria University and Swinburne University. Craig never lost his love of using traditional methods and specializes in watercolour, acrylic painting and illustration.

In 2001, Craig had his first major solo exhibition in Mt Eliza, Victoria. There have been many exhibitions since. Craig’s work has been accepted by Galleries and private collections in Australia and around the world and is ​in strong demand today.